Sunday, May 12, 2019

535.  Happy Mother's Day to my Mom!  You are the best Mom ever!  You have made countless sacrifices every day of your life for our family!...Going through 13 pregnancies!  And you were in love with every baby you had!  You are an excellent example of the goodness truth and beauty of Humane Vitae!  You are among the bravest of Catholic women who say no to birth control and yes to life!  The world will never acknowledge or recognize you.  But in heaven everyone will marvel at your greatness!  Theresa, Kateri, Aunt Mary, Aunt Jan, Aunt MaryAnn...All the amazing women out there!  And you count your sacrifices as nothing because you love your children so much!  You do everything out of love!  And that is why you are ALL so awesome!

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799.  Flowers in the morning sun #OneThousandReasonsToBeHappy