Sunday, October 27, 2019

678.  Went to the Love For Life Gala in Milwaukee tonight.  It's a pro-life fundraising event.  Jason Jones was the key note speaker.  He gave the best pro-life speech I've ever heard!  It was even better than Abby Johnson's speech in 2015!  We were truly in the presence of a living saint!  He was so passionate and on fire!  His baby was aborted in the 3rd trimester when he was a teenager.  And from that moment he dedicated his life to ending abortion.  He is the maker of the movie, Bella.  That movie has had over 1,000 confirmed babies saved from abortion!  He knows Eduardo Verestegui.  Together they went to Sudan and were almost martyred trying to convert Islamic terrorists!  His life story is amazing.  I donated way more money than I thought I would because he was so wonderful.  I was just riveted by him...He is so charismatic!

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799.  Flowers in the morning sun #OneThousandReasonsToBeHappy