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Marie Julie Jahenny: The Breton Stigmatist

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Marie-Julie Jahenny was born in 1850.  She was a stigmatist from France who gave many prophecies.  From her earliest childhood she loved the Eucharist.  And she joyfully obeyed Christ who said to her:  “Stay a little longer with Me.”  She was a 3rd order Franciscan. 
When she was 23 she became seriously ill.  The Virgin Mary appeared to her and told her she’d have much to suffer.  She’d made a complete offering of herself to the Lord.  And he accepted it.  Mary asked her if she’d be willing to suffer what Jesus had suffered to redeem mankind.  Marie agreed.  She received the 5 wounds of Christ, the wound on the shoulder and the scourging wounds on her back.
A year later Our Lady told her she would be Our Lord’s spiritual bride.  A wound appeared around her ring finger on her right hand signifying her spiritual espousal.  A year after that while in ecstasy a cross and flower appeared on her chest with the words O Crux Ave (Hail Holy Cross).  And her body gave off a perfume scent. 
Her bishop set up an investigation of her.  The medical doctor who examined her told the bishop it was the genuine stigmata and not a fraud.  She told the doctor that when she received the stigmata Our Lord had appeared to her with rays coming out of his wounds that struck her hands feet and side.  There was tremendous pain.  But only for one second. 
The crucifixes in her home bled.  On Mondays, Tuesday, and Thursdays she would be in ecstasy and suffer terribly.  Jesus told her ahead of time what her sufferings would be on these days.  So she informed the doctor who was there when it happened and verified it.  God also had her suffer as deaf and being unable to speak, a little after that she was unable to move any of her limbs.  They were dislocated as Christ’s were dislocated on the cross.  God told her ahead of time that he would give her these sufferings.  She told him, “I am willing, my Jesus.”
Even though she was deaf, she was able to hear the priest when he spoke in Latin.  And in ecstasy even though blind, she was able to see heaven as well as speak.  These sufferings lasted 4 years.  Doctors verified that her symptoms were not of a hysterical nature. 
The devil attacked her ferociously.  He broke the rosaries, made religious pictures fall, her mattress torn, crucifix thrown on floor, and beat Marie and scratched her.  The devil either appeared as an animal or a man of great beauty, always promising cures and riches.  The wounds healed quickly with holy water.  On the feast of St. Michael the devil was defeated.  A month later it started all over. 
One time the devil appeared as a priest with a stole that had no cross and wanted to give her a host.  She refused. 
She went for 5 years only consuming the host and no food.  Doctors tested her during her ecstasies and confirmed they weren’t fake.  Whenever she was commanded to come out of the ecstasy by a priest or religious authority, she immediately obeyed. 
On Christmas she held the Child Jesus in her arms.  He stroked her cheek and kissed her.  She cried.  He placed a golden nail on her heart and said it would give off the same scent as at his resurrection.  And this came to pass. 
She received many miraculous communions.  There were many witnesses.  She was commanded not to receive the sacraments by a successive bishop even though the previous bishop was in favor of her.  This lasted 11 years.  During that whole time her communions were miraculously given to her.  Pope Leo XIII made an inquest and judgment was made in favor of her.  So she again could receive the sacraments. 
During her ecstacies she would prophecy.  She would quote in Latin sacred scripture and the early church fathers and the lives of the saints.  She prophecied about religious persecutions triggered by freemasons and the crisis the church would have.  She foretold the detail of Melanie Calvat’s death (one of the visionaries of LaSallette).  And her prophecy came true exactly.  She prophecied about wars that would happen and did happen. 
Our Lady told her there would be many priests violating the secrets of the confessional on the day of terror. (the coming persecution.)  She said many priests would lose their souls in order to save their bodies.  She foretold of great scandals that would take place in the church.  She said the enemies of the church would penetrate it’s bosom “and perpetrate horrible scandals and thrust the sword into the heart of the Church.  Rage has never been greater.”
St. Michael told her that satan would have possession of everything for some time and that he would reign completely over everything.  She foretold of a schism that would take place in France with Rome.  And that those who govern the church would give their lives and their strength to those who establish a fatal government.  He said that many would join a false religion because they wouldn’t want a terrible death.  And that many bishops would as well as the faithful who would follow the bishops.  (I think that she’s referring to Islam). 
She said at the time of this crisis many souls will be obsessed and possessed.  And that many penances and mortifications would be necessary because of this.  Jesus and Mary told her that there would be a new mass that would have words that were odious to God.  Satan will have the priests wear a red cloak.  And there will not be consencration or communion.  There will be no vestige of the Holy Sacrifice. 
Our Lady told her there would be a new church with new sacramental rites and a new faith and evangelization.  Jesus told her the suffering of victim souls and good people would be so terrible that it would be unbearable to live on earth. 
Three quarters of the population of the globe will disappear during the crisis because of earthquakes and unknown diseases and epidemics, famines, inclement weather cyclones and rising seas and tidal waves.
At the worst of the crisis we will not have mass or communion or apostles.  She foretold the three days of darkness on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  The thunder and lightening would make people die of fear.  And all hell will be loosed.  Mary told her a blessed candle will be the only light that will work.  And that it would be unbearable hot because the sky would be on fire.  In the homes of the wicked and blasphemers the candle will give no light.  The evil people will take the hosts and throw them in the mud.  But the faithful will pick them up and carry them on their breasts. 
She told her half the population of France would be destroyed because of foreigners who invade and make war.  (muslims?)  And that there would be pools of blood.  She said it will seem to us to last a long time.  But it will only be a short time.  She said when all seems lost the Church will triumph. 
Christ told her devotion to his Sacred Heart will be very efficacious in the crisis.  During this crisis churches will be turned to shelters for cattle and pleasure halls.  There will be no more sacrifice of the mass for a time.  It will be a short time.  But it will feel long to the faithful. 
Satan told Marie Julie that he would appear in false apparitions at this time.  In order to lead priests and faithful to hell. 
There will be a disease that will affect the heart, mind and tongue.  It will be horrific heat.  To alleviate it you must drink tea of the leaves of Hawthorn.  There will be satanic services in churches.  And they will try to force Christians to attend. 
Marie Julie says that three quarters of the population of the globe will disappear during the crisis…terrible earthquakes and epidemics, terrible famines, and inclement weather.  Cyclones, and rising seas causing terrifying tidal waves. 
Blessed Pius IX said, “Liberal Catholics are the worst enemies of the Church.”  This section of the book is quotes from popes.  The book also mentions Our Lady of Good Success and how she also foretold of the crisis at the end of the 1900’s.  And of a terrible war that would happen then.  But she also promised that in the end she would cast satan back into hell. 
The book says that Our Lady of LaSalette said that in 1864 demons would be released from hell.  So that is where we’re at. 
There will be another king of France.  He will be Henry V.  He will lead an army against the evil people and St. Michael will help him.  He will also release the pope from prison.  He will be victorious.
St. Francis prophesied that there would be an uncanonically elected pope who will cause a great schism.  And that his order would divide between heretics and non-heretics. 
The book also speaks of Anne Catherine Emmerich’s prophecies.  She said that a secret sect (freemasons) would work to destroy the church and would do it.  (The Church will go under ground)  And that 50 or 60 years before the year 2,000 A.D. Lucifer would be released from hell.  And that there would be a new church of all sects, evangelicals, Catholics, sects of every description. 

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