Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Women of Christ Conference

696.  Went to Women of Christ conference with these lovely ladies.  Derya Little gave a talk.  She is from Turkey and grew up Muslim.  Her parents divorced when she was 12.  And she became an atheist.  When she was older she taught Turkish to kids from a Christian American family.  She was shocked that the parents and children loved each other.  In the muslim religion there is no love.  God is the absolute master and we are slaves.  To say God is our Father and loves us is blasphemy to them.  And they run their families the same way.  She thought the family was pretending to love each other to convert her.  She realized in time that it wasn't an act.  She didn't want to leave their house.  It would be midnight and they'd be like, "Do you want to leave?"  LOL  She converted.  All the speakers at the conference were converts.  Steve Ray, Kimberley Hahn, they spoke of how the Bible made them convert.  They were protestant evangelists stealing Catholics from the Catholic Church.  And then they realized the Church Fathers were all Catholic by reading their writings.  Steve Ray's book is called, Crossing The Tiber.  I highly reccomend it to those who don't understand why Catholics are Catholic and not Protestant.  And I recommend it to Catholics who don't know how to explain why they are Catholic and not Protestant.  He gets into all the Bible verses and Church Father's writings.  He is very learned and passionate about the faith.  He has been to the Holy Land over 170 times.  That is how crazy and on fire he is!

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