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Consecration to St. Joseph by Fr. Donald Calloway

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Fr. Calloway starts out the book by saying that now is the time of St. Joseph, as St. Pope John XXIII stated.  He said devotion to St. Joseph will “surge forth in our day in the form of special prayers of trusting abandonment.”  Fr. Calloway says that means consencration to St. Joseph.  In the last 150 years the church has done more to promote St. Joseph than in the last 1,800 years!  He goes through an extensive list explaining. 
He says, “We need the spiritual fatherhood of St. Joseph to help us protect marriage and the family….There is greater confusion on these matters than in any previous era of history.”  Lucia of Fatima said that, “The final battle between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan will be about marriage and the family.”  St. Joseph is the head of the Holy Family, and the Terror of Demons.  The second reason we need St. Joseph is because, “The entire world needs to be re-evangelized, including the vast majority of baptized Christians.”
Fr. Calloway says he recommends doing a 33 day preparation for consencration just as St. Louis de Montfort did for Consencration to Mary. 
“entrusting yourself to St. Joseph helps you become a faithful, loving, and trusting companion of Jesus and Mary!”  Joseph stood in the place of the Heavenly Father for Jesus.  Jesus delighted in calling St. Joseph, “Father”.  Blessed William Joseph Chaminade said, “God chose to make St. Joseph him most tangible image on earth, the depository of the rights of the divine paternity, the husband of that noble Virgin who is Mistress of angels and men.”  Fr. Calloway adds, “What the Heavenly Father did for Jesus, He wants to do for you.  God the Father wants you to entrust yourself to the loving paternal care of St. Joseph.” 
Blessed William Joseph Chaminade says, “What an honor it was (for St. Joseph) to enter into an alliance with the family of the Heavenly Father, to become the 3rd person of the created Trinity.”
“All Christians belong to St. Joseph because Jesus and Mary belonged to him.” – St. Leonard of Port Maurice 
Jesus entrusted himself to Mary and St. Joseph.  He wants us to as well.  “Mary was the only one who could satisfy St. Joseph’s chaste heart.”  The 4th commandment is to honor your father and mother.  If we don’t honor St. Joseph we are breaking the 4th commandment.  “St. Joseph was king of the Holy Family.  Every man is king of his home.  Mary was the Queen.  And Jesus was the Prince awaiting the kingdom prepared for Him by His Heavenly Father.”
As our spiritual father St. Joseph zealously defends us as he did Jesus. 
St. Joseph had to walk from Nazareth to Jerusalem 3 times a year to worship God.  That is justice – to Give God His due.  We should at least be going a short distance on Sundays to spend one hour worshiping God.  If we’re not doing this, we’re not giving God His due.  And that means we’re not just.  There is no greater way to tell God, “I love you.” And “Thank you” than through the mass.
St. Joseph can teach us how to be diligent workers as he was.  St. Joseph taught Jesus how to work hard. 
The Memorare to St. Joseph goes like this:
“Remember, O most chaste spouse of the Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to they protection, implored thy help, or sought thy intercession was left unaided.  Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto you, my spiritual father, and beg your protection.  O foster father of the Redeemer, despise not my petitions, but in your goodness hear and answer me.  Amen.
St. Terese of Lisieux was healed through the intercession of St. Joseph when she was a baby.  Her mom, Zelie, prayed to St. Joseph and Terese was instantly healed.  And because of that we have her little way and she became a doctor of the church.  St. Teresa  of Avila was also healed through the intercession of St. Joseph. 
Fr. Calloway goes on to write of St. Andre Bessette and how he built the largest shrine to St. Joseph in the world, St. Joseph’s Oratory.  And how he worked miracles through the intercession of St. Joseph.  When Andre died one million people came to his funeral.  He always called himself, “St. Joseph’s little dog”.  He received 80,000 letters a year from people.  He always gave them the advice to go to St. Joseph for help.  He was the greatest apostle of St. Joseph in the 20th century.  Today more than 2 million people visit St. Joseph’s Oratory every year.   
In the church St. Joseph is considered, protodulia.  It means, “first revered”.  He is revered above all the other saints.  Mary is hyperdulia (highest reverence).  And God is latria (adoration). 
Pope John XXIII almost took the name Pope Joseph.  But he chose John out of respect for his Dad.  He dedicated Vatican II to St. Joseph.  He added St. Joseph to the Canon of the mass.  It happened that Bishop Cule, a friend of Pope John XXIII, gave a speech at Vatican II about it.  But he was so nervous and anxious and lengthy that he was asked to end his “sermon”.  So he shuffled back to his seat.  The truth is that he was almost killed by communists.  He was from Yugoslavia and had been in hard labor for 11 years.  He was almost murdered by them in an intentional train crash that killed everyone on the train and shattered his hips.  He was trying to tell his brother bishops and cardinals that St. Joseph saved his life.  Everyone laughed when he was asked to end his sermon.  But Pope John XXIII almost cried because he knew all this.  3 days later he added St. Joseph’s name to the canon of the mass.  Now St. Joseph’s name appears in all 4 Eucharistic prayers.  Pope Benedict wanted his name added to the other Eucharistic prayers.  But he stepped down before he could.  Pope Francis did it though in 2013. 
In 1868 a priest by the name of John Joseph Lataste wrote a letter to the Pope telling him he’d offered his life as a sacrifice to bring about patronage to St. Joseph as the Patron of the Universal Church.  Fr. John Joseph took on heroic sacrifices and mortifications.  He died at the age of 36.  And a year later the Pope declared St. Joseph Patron of the Universal Church.  St. Joseph watched over and protected Jesus, the Son of God. 
Jesus learned how to be a man from St. Joseph and even spoke of it in the gospel.  “Amen, amen, I say to you, a son cannot do anything on his own, but only what he sees his father doing; for what he does, his son will do also.” (Jn 5:19)  He was referring to his heavenly father, but it also refers to the aspects of his human nature learned from St. Joseph.  Joseph taught Jesus to pray and took him to the Synagogue.  As well as Jerusalem for the feasts.  “In the rhythm of the days he spent at Nazareth, in the simple home and in Joseph’s workshop, Jesus learned to alternate prayer and work, as well as to offer God his labor in earning bread the family needed.” – Pope Benedict XVI
If you wish to be close to Christ, we again today repeat, “Go to St. Joseph.” – Venerable Pope Pius XII
If it weren’t for St. Joseph we wouldn’t have the Eucharist.  The story in the old testament of Joseph who was sold into slavery by his brothers and became Egyptian royalty storing up grain for the 7 year famine and then giving that grain to his 12 brothers so they would feed his father, Israel, is a prefiguration of a much greater Joseph.  “Joseph who would bring his Son, the Bread from Heaven, to safety in Egypt.  St. Joseph safeguarded a food capable of saving the entire world!”  “St. Joseph desires that we receive the Bread of Life at Holy Mass.  St Joseph’s Heavenly Bread is more numerous than the sands of the sea.  This Heavenly Bread is able to feed all the multitudes and satisfy every soul.”  “St. Joseph is still charged with guarding the Living Bread!” – Venerable Fulton J. Sheen
“today there is a world-wide spiritual famine on the earth.  What are we to do?”  “Go to Joseph and do whatever he tells you!” – Gen 41:55
Someone once asked Mother Angelica is St. Joseph was young or old.  She responded that there was no official church teaching on it but that she preferred a young St. Joseph because, “All I know, sweetie, is old men don’t walk to Egypt!”  An old man wouldn’t have been able to walk 80 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem either.  The Holy Land and North Africa has rough terrain and the heat is intense, and “the dangers many”.   “Walking to Egypt, being there for years without knowing anyone, and trying to make a living are things not associated with elderly men.”  And then after Herod died he was “required to pack up his family and walk back to Nazareth.  That’s more than 120 miles!”  “There were no smooth roads and cozy rest stops along the way.  It was uphill, downhill, and around hills.”  It didn’t stop in Nazareth either.  “As faithful Jews, the men of the household were required to travel to Jerusalem 3 times a year to fulfill the law of the Lord.  That’s 80 miles one way.”  Fr. Calloway then gives a very long quote by Bishop Fulton Sheen on why Joseph was young.  It is very eloquent but too long to put here.  Bishop Sheen says that the reason St. Joseph is depicted as old in all the art pictures of him is to safe guard Mary’s virginity.  “But that is like saying you need to cut off someone’s hands so they don’t steal.” 
“What the Church and the world can learn from a younger depiction of St. Joseph – especially in theology, preaching, and art – is that young men can be chaste, heroic, and holy.”
St. Josemaria Escriva said, “You don’t have to be old or lifeless to practice the virtue of chastity.  Purity comes from love; and the strength and gaiety of youth are no obstacle to noble love.  Joseph had a young heart and a young body when he married Mary…Anyone who cannot understand a love like that knows very little of true love and is a complete stranger to the Christian meaning of chastity.”
“No woman ever had a greater man than St. Joseph.”  “There has never been a greater Marian saint than St. Joseph, and there never will be.  St. Joseph is the model for total consencration to Mary.  Long before Calvary when Jesus commanded all of his disciples to take Mary into their hearts and homes (see Jn 19:26-27), St. Joseph had already taken Mary into his heart and into his home.  She is his heart; she is his home.  Everything he did was done for Jesus and Mary.  He lived and died for Jesus and Mary.”
“St. Joseph is the first human person to have been totally consencrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.”  All the marian consencrations are about being another Joseph for Mary…being her slave and her total property.  “He is the first consencrated knight of the Holy Queen.”
“As God the Father eternally begets a Son without physical union with another person, St. Joseph fathers a Son without physical union with Mary.”
The ring that St. Joseph gave Mary is still in existence.  It is known as Santo Anello, the Holy Ring.  It is in the Cathedral of San Lorenzo in Perugia, Italy.  It is only 14 miles from Assisi.  The ring and it’s location were discovered through the visions of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich.  Married people take there rings there to touch it to Mary’s ring.  If I ever marry I want to have my spouse and I touch our rings to hers.
The word “apoluo” is a Greek work that can mean divorce or separate.  In the Bible it was translated that Joseph wanted to divorce Mary.  But this wasn’t true according to Fr. Calloway.  It was his reverence for Mary that made him feel unworthy of being with her.  He has a long explanation but I don’t want this review to be too long.  I’m already on the 4th page as I’m typing it up on Microsoft Word. 
St. Joseph was the first to adore Jesus in the tabernacle of Mary.  He was the first to have a Eucharistic procession traveling with pregnant Mary to Bethlehem. 
At Fatima Joseph appeared holding the Christ Child, and simultaneously they blessed the world.  The triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is tied to us accepting not just Jesus’ blessing but also Josephs.  When the Church “recognizes the blessing of St. Joseph’s fatherhood, Jesus will reign in hearts, and Mary’s Immaculate Heart will triumph.”
Mary of Agreda said that St. Joseph died of love.  And so have other saints.  There is no saint that suffered more for Christ than St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother.  He was worn out after decades of sacrificial love.  Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich has said that Joseph wouldn’t have been able to endure Jesus crucifixion.  He was too gentle and loving.  God spared him of that and he died before Jesus public ministry began. 
Pope Pius XI put the church under the protection of St. Joseph, the Terror of demons to fight communism.  Catholics the world over began to pray to him to stop communism.  Pope Pius XII named May 1st as the feast of St. Joseph the Worker because the communists wanted to turn it into a worker’s day holiday. 
The devil fears St. Joseph more that the Pope.  The pope is only the Vicar of Christ.  But St. Joseph is the father of Christ.  The devil hates the fatherhood of St. Joseph and wants to destroy all Fatherhood.  All clergy and lay men can turn to Joseph as an example of holy fatherhood.

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