Monday, February 3, 2020

God and the Devil in California

785.  Second day in California....we went to Venice Beach (muscle beach)  It's a beach that Arnold Schwarzneggar  use to work out at.  There's an outdoor gym.  We didn't see any guys working out though because they're renovating it or something.  So it was closed.  There's usually famous body builders working out there.  LOL  But we left right away because the shops were basically all about sex and drugs.  Kateri reminded me that marijuana is legal in California.  Some crazy guy asked me, "Do you have a boyfriend?  Do you want a boyfriend?"  He had dead locks and was probably high.  I think he was homeless...the poor guy.  He probaby had mental illness.  We just walked past him really fast. 
Then we went to Santa Monica Pier.  That was awesome.  I put my feet into the ocean for the first time.  And I walked in bare feet in the sand.  It felt great...summer in the middle of winter.  The weather here is awesome!  But we do have to wear sweaters.  The sun is out every day!
Then we went to Beverley Hills and drove through the neighborhood.  Kateri and I both were like, "Wow, is this all it is?"  It was nice but not amazing.  Hollywood romanticizes everything.  We kept thinking of the personal lives of the actors and feeling sorry for them because they think wealth is everything.  And they preach to the rest of the world about helping people and what it means to be a good person while they live in their mansions and have homeless people right down the street from them. 
I'm reading a book called Unseen.  It's about the gift of being hidden in a world that loves to be noticed.  I didn't realize what a perfect topic it is for when visiting LA.  All the celebrities are narcissists.  According to former Satanist, Zachary King, they sell their souls to the devil for fame and fortune.  Katy Perry publicly admitted to it in a You Tube video interview I saw.  You can look it up on You Tube.  And Mick Jaggar admitted in his autobiography that he sold his soul to the devil for fame and fortune.  And there was an article on FB about how Lady Gaga admitted to selling her soul to the Illuminati for fame.  It was so sad reading that article because she sounded so desperate for it that it almost seemed that she would kill herself if she couldn't be famous.  That's the problem with narsisism.  They have no self esteem.  Even while they seem loaded with self esteem. 
The book, Unseen, talks about how we were made to crave attention but that people go about it the wrong way.  We're suppose to seek attention from God who is the most loving and obsessed with us than anyone in existence.   He is also the most beautiful and attractive.  And in our unseen mundane moments he sees us and loves us for the littlest thing.  The author, Sara Hagerty, talks about how she is a stay at home mom of 6 kids.  And that God sees her when she's switching the 3rd load of laundry and overwhelmed with all the things she needs to do.  I highly recommend all stay at home moms to read it.  It will make you feel so good!  She is very eloquent!  In God's eyes we are all famous.  We don't need to be Hollywood stars. 
It was scary on the Warner Brother's Studio tour.  We literally stood on the set of the show, Lucifer.  Drew Mariani has talked many times about how evil that show is.  It makes Lucifer look vulnerable and attractive.  Kateri and I both were thinking that there were probably devils all around us.  But Kateri told me later that God is protecting us because we are baptized Christians.  And even though the devil has more power than us.  God gives us more power than the devil because we are Christian and his adopted children.  So we have nothing to fear.  We also both agreed that Warner Brother's studio isn't nearly as amazing as Hollywood would have you think.  Everyone on the tour wanted the tour guide to talk about stupid and bad shows they were interested in.  Kateri and I weren't interested in these shows at all.  But some of the tour was good.  Just not the Harry Potter museum promoting witchcraft and the set of the show, Lucifer. 
On a lighter note we checked out the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in LA as well.  It was beautiful!  The artwork was amazing!  So many beautiful paintings!  Kateri took amazing photos!  The basement had beautiful stained glass pictures.  One of which was Mary Magdalene washing Jesus feet.  I love that depiction everywhere I see it!  The book Unseen, talks about how Mary wasted her perfume and her love on God.  And everyone around her thought it was a waste.  But in God's eyes it was wonderful!  And that is what being a stay at home mom is...wasting yourself on God through the mundane moments of parenting and all the hardships and trials.  Mothers are like Mary Magdalene.  But Sarah Hagerty writes about it so eloquently!  There was a relic of Juan Diego's tilma.  We touched our hands to it!  There was the tomb of St. Vibiana in the church basement mausoleum.  Gregory Peck is buried there and also a Chief Justice.
So God and the devil are in LA.  I hope we can stop at the Carmelite monastery in LA or Hollywood too.  We drove past it.  I heard there is an actress who was a movie star and gave it up to become a cloistered nun there.  I can't remember her name.  It would be awesome to meet and talk with her! 

Santa Monica Pier

Relic of Juan Diego's tilma

Venice Beach

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

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