Friday, May 22, 2020

An answer to one of the greatest mysteries of the universe!

I'm reading Doctor Gay Hendricks book, The Big Leap.  Part of it is about the mystery of time.  He writes about Einstein time.  And how it's related to space and how much space we occupy.  Just like Einstein's theory of relativity..."When you're with your beloved one hour feels like one minute.  And when your sitting on a hot stove, one minute feels like one hour."  When we're in love time flies.  When we're unhappy it slows down.  When we're on a hot stove we contract time into ourselves and try to escape it.  But when we're happy we want to occupy all space and become one with our beloved.  Love occupies space.  He explains it in great depth.  And I'm typing a long explanation of it in my book review.  I'll post it to the blog when I'm done.  The book review is incredibly long this time!  There are so many amazing important things in the book that I feel I can't leave out!  

I think this is the answer to one of the greatest mysteries in the universe.  I think it's the reason why God has always existed and always will.  I think it's why there is no time in heaven.  Because we are in love and God is Love Itself.  Love is the answer to the greatest mystery in the universe.  God is the answer to everything!

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