Sunday, June 7, 2020

One Thousand Hours for Life

3.  Today is the anniversary of Griswold vs. Connecticut that legalized contraception and paved the way for the legalization of abortion.  When abortion was legalized it was said that it was because contraception doesn't always work.  Basically, the whole idea of contraception is to separate sex from having children.  That is how it is related to abortion.  Today we held peaceful signs and prayed outside Health First in Mauston.  They give out the morning after pill as well as giving abortion referalls.  

Some people screamed, swore and gave us the finger as they drove by.  Others smiled, honked and gave us a thumbs up.  Most people were positive towards us.  Our country values life more and more as we learn more and more about life in the womb, and the humanity of the unborn.  

The sun really wiped me out!  I'm exhausted!  LOL  But it feels good to stand up for the most innocent, helpless, and vulnerable among us.  The poor, innocent babies that only want to live, love and be loved in return.  As we ALL do!  

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